Organic Bone Broth Recipe In A Crock Pot For Fertility Detox

Organic Bone Broth Recipe In A Crock Pot For Fertility Detox

Organic bone broth recipe in a Crock Pot for fertility detox. Did you know that bone broth is actually one of the most fertility-friendly foods out there?! That’s right. Bone broth heals your gut, and your gut is absolutely 100% linked to your hormonal health. In this video I show you how to make a no-fuss version of organic beef both broth that is nutritious and delicious! It can be sipped like a tea or used as a replacement for water in such dishes as rice, quinoa or couscous.

Healing your GI tract doesn’t just make for an orgasmic pooping experience – it changes your entire internal environment by calming whole body inflammation. It’s that kind of environment that increases nutrient bioavailability from the vitamin and mineral rich foods and supplements you’re working so hard to get into your system.

Here are three great benefits of bone broth:

1. The collagen (which turns into gelatin when cooked) in bone broth helps to heal serious digestive issues like leaky gut, reducing gut inflammation caused by massive spikes in cortisol (the stress hormone) which can throw hormonal function completely out of whack.)

2. The gut healing that takes place (due to collagen) allows for enhanced nutrient bioavailability to your body (from the food and supplements you eat). Vitamins and minerals from those nutrients are the things that feed (create and support) your hormones.

3. The amino acids (protein building blocks) proline, glycine, arginine, and glutamine, with which bone broth is packed, support our body’s detoxification systems, getting rid of excess hormones, for example estrogen, that cause all sorts of infertility issues.

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