Marine Phytoplankton Organic Farm Facility Information & History

Marine Phytoplankton Organic Farm Facility Information & History

Marine Phytoplankton Sea Farm – Exclusive to ForeverGreen/FG Xpress

Until recent discoveries in the marine aquaculture industry, specific nutrient rich blends of WILD Marine Phytoplankton were unattainable within the marketplace in large sustainable quantities. Tom Harper, an Aquaculture Engineer Specialist and owner operator of Unique Sea Farms research facility on Vancouver Island BC spent 8 painstaking years developing the Patent Pending technology in recreating the “Spring Bloom” at the Sea farm (all the conditions that exist in nature for the Phytoplankton to multiply in massive quantities).

Mr. Harpers’ goal was to grow vast amounts of wild Marine Phytoplankton in a controlled environment in land based tanks to feed the seedlings in his shellfish hatchery. The Sea farm sits on 8 acres along side the Eastern Coast of pristine Vancouver Island BC. It holds eight 1 million liter tanks which are filled with sea water from a massive pipeline that extends out 1 kilometer and at a depth of eighty feet below the surface of the ocean.

He believed that the 200+ species of WILD Phytoplankton that grows in the ocean – literally on the doorstep of the Sea farm – would certainly hold more nutritive value than the 7 to 9 industry standard species of Marine Phytoplankton used worldwide in hatcheries, due to the higher concentration of diverse species and wild natural nutrient content. To this point, the only Phytoplankton options had been those grown in a denatured laboratory environment using Bio-reactors and synthetic sea water.

Mr. Harper’s intuition was right. When he was finally able to provide the WILD blends of Phytoplankton to ½ of his seedling stock and Industry standard Phytoplankton to the other ½, the seedlings consuming his WILD blends were growing TEN TIMES larger with almost a 0% mortality rate than those being fed the common Plankton used throughout the Aquaculture industry. Mr. Harper’s reputation and Patent Pending technology gained worldwide attention within the Aquaculture industry. Not only was he growing healthier and larger shellfish, the Sea Farm can produce enormous sustainable quantities of Phytoplankton twelve months of the year.

Unfortunately, within weeks of this remarkable discovery, Mr. Harper was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. He was given only weeks to months to live, and was advised by his accountant to sell the Sea Farm. One day, while preparing for the sale and tending to the Phytoplankton, Mr. Harper intuitively felt he should start consuming his Plankton, as he saw such huge results in the health of his shellfish being fed these wild aquatic plants. He began eating his Phytoplankton every day.

Within weeks, he shared with a few close friends and family members that he was feeling more energy and less pain in his chest and back. During a scheduled surgery for a medical grade “talcum” injection into the plural lining of his lungs (a common procedure with mesothelioma), the surgeons were puzzled to discovered a foreign white substance covering his tumors.

Upon an 11 site biopsy, the medical staff was baffled to find that all 11 sites came back benign. The surgeons could not explain it, and could not provide Mr. Harper an explanation as they had never seen this before. News of his shift in health and consumption of the Phytoplankton he was growing at his Sea Farm spread quickly. His Doctors would not comment on whether or not this had anything to do with the changes in his state of health. Friends and neighbors began requesting samples of this Phytoplankton and Mr. Harper gladly shared it, offering no guarantee they would personally experience any changes.

Never the less, even without “proof” people still wanted to try it, and it soon became evident due to the continuous testimonials and overwhelming public demand, this was a product worth sharing on a much larger scale. He made a decision to close down all aspects of the shellfish hatchery to focus 100% of his efforts on Phytoplankton, as that is where his heart was leading him.
Marine Phytoplankton harvested from a unique sea farm offshore of British Columbia, Canada is unmatched in its ability to produce this pure, Organic, Bioavailable Superfood. These single-celled plants, are the basis of all other life forms on Earth and has 400 times the energy of any known plant. Learn the benefits of Marine Phytoplankton and how ForeverGreen, a Utah-based nutritional company, is the first to bring this pure-form nutrient to the world.

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