Eating Organic Foods Has Been Linked to a Lower Cancer Risk

Eating Organic Foods Has Been Linked to a Lower Cancer Risk

Here’s another reason to eat organic foods.

They could save you a trip to the hospital.

Organic foods have been linked to a lower risk of cancer, according to a team of researchers from several French institutions.

It’s all based on a large-scale study of nearly 70,000 French adults.

They told researchers how often they ate organic foods, starting in 2009.

Researchers then followed these people up to an average of four-and-a-half years, according to Newsweek.

Sure enough, researchers found a significant reduction in the risk of cancer among those who ate a lot of organic food.

Talking numbers, people who are the most organic food had a 25% reduced risk of developing cancer, the New York Times reports.

Health experts say the results sound good, but they don’t prove an organic diet causes a drop in cancer rates.

So, what could the reason be?

Some worry about the environmental risks for cancer and the different types of pesticides from farming.

Organic food is produced without synthetic fertilizers and is less likely to have pesticide residues than conventional foods, Newsweek says.

But critics of the study say the findings can send a bad message, and that organic or not, eating your fruits and veggies is good for you.

You know what they say about an apple a day.

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